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94 degree explorations in the baddest of the Badlands

94 degree explorations in the baddest of the Badlands

Fathers and Fish

Sundays spent walking bogs

Crossing paths; we’re not always alone on this unstable ground to which we tread each day. We find ourselves, many times, walking in view of another; whether it be following, leading or side by side, they are in view. In the sights of another we gain perspective. The companion may push us forward along the trail, may grab our hand; leading, or may push us straight of track. In others we find happiness and sadness; we find support and hurt. Our nature is to seek this company in life but the breath rising and falling in my chest reminds me that I am my own and am alone in control of my path; we forget this too often. I can only count on myself to continually place each foot in front of the other. Walk only alongside others that grab your hand and lead your forward; know that you can go it alone but always have an open hand, heart and mind to which another may reach out to.

Sand and serpents; Taming the wild and mighty

Sand and serpents; Taming the wild and mighty

Summer study of Glendalough:

The green is overwhelming, where there used to be feet of snow, this familiar place seems to be new with the leaves growing and spreading in the canopy. Exploring the nooks of the park I had yet to venture; one day I will know it like the back of my hand. Every freckle or beaver log, mapped in my mind. The forest floor is blanketed with swaying sedges and I lose myself amongst the breeze; if I could lie here for the entirety of the summer, I’d give it all up for just that.  

Sheyenne National Grasslands:

An island where the miles surrounding used to be all its own; endangered. Beauty hidden amongst the fading hills and tufts of grass. Pray for the prairies; you and I know they won’t make it, yet they bloom on.

On the bright side  (at Lake Superior)

On the bright side (at Lake Superior)

Foraging Michigan:

Sanborn Canoe Company was gracious enough to post some of my photography and I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to share my work. For over I year I have wandering and capturing all of my travels purely for me and my family; this is a big step in a different direction. A good direction, I think; but one very unknown to me. It feels good to share. In a lot of ways this compilation of scout logs is just like sitting around a campfire and shooting the shit about travels past over a flask of cheap whiskey. Many posts to come and loving Sanborn for their great thinkings!

Winner, winner, chicken (of the woods) dinner

Winner, winner, chicken (of the woods) dinner